Last fall when I needed to go on maternity leave early due to my pregnancy, I anticipated that my return date would be early Spring. Of course having never been a mum, it was my best estimate at the time. My son was born on December 27th and is now 4 months old. I still do not know when I will be able to return to providing foot care. He is very young, and childcare for such a young child, not to mention in a pandemic, is proving difficult.
I have realized that when I do return, it will be on a part time basis. This will reduce my availability in regards to what days I am available and what times of day, and it may also change from week to week. I understand that will be inconvenient for many of my clients, but with a young child I will be doing my best to balance them both.

My son is doing very well. He is healthy, strong, tall, and going through teething. My husband and I blessed to have such a happy child.

Until such a time I have a better idea when I am able to return, if any of my clients or past clients require referrals or recommendations for care, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do my best to check email daily, and voicemails about every two days or so. Thanks to the assistance of my good friend and colleague Kim Sheeler, RN, residents at Chapel Hill Retirement Residence have been well looked after. Additionally, Deborah Bobier, RN, has been kind enough to provide care for residents at Stittsville Villa and Manor, as well as along side Cinthia Davis-Payne, RPN at the Olde Forge CRC foot clinic. I appreciate all their help and the wonderful care they have been providing clients in my absence.