Frequently Asked Questions

All new clients will be required to sign a consent form and service agreement. These can be emailed to you in advance, or signed at the first appointment.
Please note that at this time we do not offer Hospital visits.

See our frequently asked questions below:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all clients and anyone else present for the visit will be required to wear a mask for the duration of the appointment. The mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin in order to be effective. The nurse will also be wearing a mask as included in full PPE.

What areas of Ottawa do you service?

We have nurses that are able to provide care to the following areas: Ottawa (City of), Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville, Orleans, Cumberland, and Barrhaven. 

Unfortunately we are unable to service the following areas: Rockland, Manotick, Carp, Russell/Embrun and beyond. At this time, we are also unable to offer services in the Ottawa down-town core.
As our nurses are only registered in the province of Ontario, we cannot provide care in the province of Quebec. 

Do you provide a receipt?

Clients receive a receipt after the visit either by email, or a hard copy can be sent by mail after the visit by request only. We do not provide hand written receipts.

Are treatments covered by insurance?

Nursing foot care treatments or laser treatments may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance provider. We recommend contacting your insurance provider and reviewing your plan prior to your appointment to verify. A prescription from your doctor may be required by your insurance company. Amount for reimbursement varies. 

Do you provide care in hospitals?

No, unfortunately at this time we are not providing care in any of the hospitals in the Ottawa area.

“I smoke in my house, will this be a problem?”

For the health and safety of our nurses, we ask for a smoke free environment.

Are treatments covered by OHIP?

No – unfortunately OHIP does not cover foot care treatments provided by a Foot Care Nurse or Chiropodist. 

Are referrals needed to receive treatment?

No – a referral from your family doctor is not required but may be required by your insurance provider (if applicable). 

How are instruments cleaned?

Instruments used at Kirsten’s Foot Care are either sterile until point of use (Autoclaved) or disposable to ensure client safety.

Do Foot Care Nurses provide pedicures?

No – Foot Care Nurses provide medically sanctioned treatments. Foot Care Nurses are required to be registered with their provincial licensing body (CNO in Ontario) and are held to that standard of practice. They have specialized training to provide care (beyond their nursing program). In addition to the foot care treatment, foot care nurses perform a lower limb assessment on every client. As nurses, we have the legal responsibility to report any medical issues noted while performing an assessment or providing care to our clients and their caregivers, follow as necessary and inform their family doctor (with clients permission). At Kirsten’s Foot Care, our nurses WILL NOT apply nail polish or soak our clients feet. 

Pedicures performed by nail technicians or aestheticians at a nail salon/spa typically perform a pampering service with basic foot care (trim, file, polish). They are not health professionals and therefor not trained to notice health problems, work with high risk clients, or provide health teaching. 

Why is it important to see a Foot Care Nurse?

A Foot Care Nurse is an Registered Nurse (RN) or Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) who has been educated to assess, treat, and prevent all to improve foot health. Foot Care Nurses have taken additional training and education of the anatomy/physiology of the foot and lower leg, and have learned the proper skills necessary to care for their clients. 
Foot care is not always about the basic ‘pedicure’ from your local salon. Nursing foot care is an integral part of all nursing care. It includes nail care, as well as health promotion, client teaching, and promoting overall safety and comfort in the clients life. At Kirsten’s Foot Care we not only treat common foot issues, but provide preventative care.

Care from a Foot Care Nurse is for EVERYONE. However, someone should especially see a foot care nurse if they have difficulty trimming own nails; Poor eyesight or decrease in mobility; Diabetes; Poor circulation; Auto immune disorders; History of foot ulcerations; Undergoing dialysis treatment; or Arthritis. This is a general list, and there are many other conditions that would warrant seeing a foot care nurse.

Does your fee for service cover paid parking at facilities or street parking?

If the nurse is required to pay for street parking, underground, or a pay-per-use visitor’s lot, we ask that our nurses be reimbursed in cash for any parking charges they incurred for the visit. Parking will not be absorbed by our nurses. 

What are the accepted payment methods?

Our accepted payment methods are cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer only.

How do you keep track of visits?

At Kirsten’s Foot Care we use an electronic charting and scheduling system called Jane. This provides us with the ability to chart and schedule with ease, but also provides our clients with email reminders of their appointments. 

To book an appointment, send us an email or give us a call. Availability depends on the area in which the client is located, as we do our best to group clients together.