The Advanced Foot Care Training program for nurses provides a theoretical and practical foundation for nurses preparing for a career in nursing foot care, or who are looking to expand the scope of their nursing skills. 

This course is designed for nurses (LPN’s, RN’s and NP’s) new to foot care, or for experienced Foot Care Nurses who wish to update their knowledge and skills. The course follows a comprehensive, advanced and diabetic nursing foot care curriculum. This curriculum is based on current best practice guidelines and evidence-based practice, including the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses’ National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017).  

After successfully completing the program, students receive a certificate of completion.

Program Overview

Online Theory: 110 hours
The theory portion the program is provided through Foot Canada Training. It I completed online, at your own pace, and within a 6 month time period. Although this portion is self-directed, Kirsten’s Foot Care’s educator is available to assist you. Once theory is complete, we can schedule your clinical training days. Students must begin their clinical training within 1 year of completing the theory portion.

Clinical: 43 hours over 5 days
Sample lesson plan:

Mentorship (hours 3) – Students may observe their FCN Clinical Lead Educator or one of the FCN Clinical Preceptors performing 2 nursing foot care clinical appointments. These mentorship hours are to be completed during the hours of the FCN Clinical.

Advance Nursing Foot Care Skills (21.5 hours) – This portion of the course may be taught in a nursing lab or foot care clinical setting and covers all advanced nursing foot care skills required to complete FCN Clinical, including: risk assessments, treatment, development of individualized treatment plans, referrals and health education. Students may be guided to simulate step by step practical hands on skills on 2 volunteer clients each. 

Clinical Skills (18.5 hours) – This portion of the course may be offered in a clinical care setting and provides students with clinical experience with 10 -13 volunteer clients.


Tuition for the Advanced Foot Care Training Package is $3775 (with HST)*

*Includes online theory and private hands on clinical

Payment Methods
Credit Card
($90 transaction fee applies to credit card payments)
Payment can be made in full, or split in two payments when starting the FCN Theory and prior to booking the FCN Clinical.

Should you wish to withdraw, note that tuition received is non-refundable and cannot be deferred. See course outline for full refund policy.


*Textbook(required):Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art and Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada
*Parking: Paid parking available on street or nearby lots at Halifax clinical location
*Food and Drink – Students are responsible for their own food and drinks each day
*Costs for accommodation and travel to/from clinical and mentorship locations
*Requests outside of normal course activities or outside of educational, technical, and administrative support schedules or activities as per the course outline (such as requests for remedial assignments, course transcripts, third party correspondence, letters, etc).
*Any licenses or insurance.
*Gloves (see course outline)


Applicants are recommended to start the FCN Clinical course within 12 months of achieving a passing grade from the FCN Theory course.

Non-restricted Nursing Registration/License 

Applicants hold a current non-restricted Nursing Registration/License (full license or special event license) from the territory or province in which they will be taking the course.

Safety and Ethics 

It is expected that nurses participating in this course will:

Follow all applicable legislation;
Use only the skills authorized within their scope of practice;
Demonstrate the entry-to-practice competencies, practice standards and guidelines established by their provincial or territorial regulatory body.

Nurses who fail to adhere to the above, resulting in safety and/or ethical concerns, may be removed from the course at the Educator’s discretion and marked as Incomplete. Re-entry to the course may or may not be possible based on the Educator’s recommendations. Remedial assignment(s) and additional fees may be applicable. 

Each student is email a copy of their proof of professional liability insurance and a current government issued photo ID to Kirsten’s Foot Care prior to scheduling clinical.

**Profressional Liability Insurance is included with a Nova Scotia College of Nursing License

Required Reading
Lazenby, Cindy. LM. (2017) Art & Science of Foot Care: A Clinical Resource for Nurses in Canada. – Included with Advanced Foot Care Training Package.

Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses National Competencies for Advanced Nursing Foot Care in Canada (2017). Canada: CAFCN – Found here.

Student Guide: a Student Guide will be provided to the student once fully registered, which how to prepare prior to the course, including links to additional required reading.

Proof of vaccinations, including against COVID-19, must be emailed to Kirsten’s Foot Care prior to scheduling clinical.

Dress Code
A name tag will be provided to the student and is to be worn at all times.
Scrubs/uniforms and closed toe shoes, hair up and off shoulders and face.
Scrub cap.
Bring your smile! You will have lots of fun learning new skills!

Registration is Open for Continuous Enrolment