It’s been a few weeks since we have provided an update. With health care services beginning to reopen fully in provinces like Manitoba and New Brunswick, we know it will only be a matter of time before we get word from the Ontario Government as well.

We’ve been working hard to get the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for when we return to work. Unfortunately for various reasons, the PPE available in many cases is costing 3-5X MORE than what it was previously in some cases (if suppliers can get their hands on it). This isn’t due to price gouging, but more so due to shipments arriving via air to arrive faster to meet demand, and that there are less items arriving/made available. What it means for us is not only do we need to wear more and will be using more PPE, but less is available and at a much higher cost to us.

Right now we are also waiting for restrictions to be lifted. Our contractors like Tetiana are only part-time with foot care and work at various facilities in Ottawa. There are restrictions in place right now that health care workers can only work at one location. Until this is lifted, our other nurses will not be able to come back to work. We’re not complaining, as we know it is a difficult situation and it is best for the residents/patients that they care for in those facilities.

We are keeping an eye on announcements from the government and are hopeful we will be able to resume our regular services sometime in June. Our fingers are crossed!

We appreciate everyones patience,

Kirsten Hansen, RPN
Sole-proprietor, Kirsten’s Foot Care