The Ontario Ministry of Health has released new directives to Regulated Health Professionals stating we can now begin a “gradual restart of deferred services”. However, we are encouraged to limit the number of in-person visits for the time being for our safety and the safety of our clients. This means when we work, we will not be running at full capacity, providing less visits each day than we did pre-pandemic. Due to this, we are still unable to accept new clients for the time being in order to fit in our existing clientele. We continue to keep a list for new clients requesting care, whom we will contact when we can operate in full.

I will be contacting my own clients soon in regards to appointments. I’m working on a few more details so please be patient – I will be in touch soon.

Unfortunately due to remaining Ministry of Health restrictions, nurse Tetiana is still unable to come to work providing foot care. As Tetiana also works as a staff nurse at a long-term care facility, there is a ban preventing her from working elsewhere for the time being. Additionally, nurse Nubia will also not be able to return yet as she is working on acquiring additional personal protective equipment (PPE). As mentioned in previous posts, PPE is hard to find and more expensive now.

We do not have information yet regarding the reopening of The Olde Forge foot clinic on Thursdays.

We are finally taking a step forward! We appreciate everyone’s patience, as we know the current situation is not ideal and many of our clients are still unable to be seen by us. We apologize and appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Kirsten Hansen, RPN
Sole-proprietor, Kirsten’s Foot Care