About Kirsten's Foot Care

Kirsten's Foot Care focuses on prevention and education, while exceeding best practice standards in all areas of care. We provide nursing foot care in the comfort of your own home, hospital or facility.

Appointments available at our new location!

Foot Care Services

Kirsten's Foot Care provides nursing foot care in the comfort of your own home or at our new clinic located in Orleans. Services are also available in long-term care or residential facilities.

In-Home Foot Care

In-home visits include assessment of the lower leg and foot, foot care and finger nail trim/file if needed. In-home visits may be covered 80% by insurance - we recommend contacting your provider as a doctors note may be required.

Diabetes Foot Care

Diabetes foot care involves ongoing preventative care as well as diabetes foot risk assessment and 10-gram monofilament testing for diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes assessment follows Inlow's 60 second diabetic foot screen.

Satellite Clinics

Satellite foot clinics are available across Ottawa. Kirsten's Foot Care provides care for the Olde Forge Community Resource Centre every Thursday, and a Carlingwood Pharmasave Pharmacy once a month.

Nail Braces

Nail braces are used to correct curvature of involuted nails and effectively treat ingrown nails.

Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction involves the medical and cosmetic correction of damaged, fungal, misshapen or removed nails using the LCN Wilde-Pedique nail correction system.

Orleans Clinic

Advanced nursing foot care also offered at our location in Orleans.



All instruments are sterile until point of use (autoclaved) or disposable

Our Clinic

Our Clinic

Visit our brand new foot care clinic in Orleans!